General Services offered by Vapor Industries.

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Water Treatment Plant Services- Vapor Industries specializes in manufacturing and providing services to operate turn-key water treatment plants that increase efficiency for the client. These products and services are most popular within the municipalities; however, there are other industries that would benefit from what Vapor Industries has to offer as well. Other applicable industries include the mining industry, dealing with “Acid Mine Drainage,” the technology could be adapted to the removal of soluble metals present in ground water from the effects of surface mining; and the metals industry where water separation from soluble metals is commonly required.


Dredging Services- Electric and Diesel dredges available in multiple pumping capacities. Contact us today to discuss your dredging needs. 


Cleaning Services- Digester, Tank, Lagoon, Pump Stations, Catch Basins.


Dewatering services- Vapor Industries has multiple solutions to cater to every client's sludge removal needs. We offer solutions such as: belt presses, geobags, and drying tubes. Different sediments require different means of dewatering so contact us to speak with an experienced team that will guide you to the option that will yield the greatest results for the needs in your industry. 


Fabrication- Allow Vapor industries to take the burden out of your project. Over the years, Vapor has built strong relationships with many manufacturers within the water treatment industry. We can contract your project out to industry specific fabricators and oversee the fabrication process, ensuring that your product will be of top quality and built to your specific needs.  

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