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Coal Industry Water Quality Control


Vapor Industries has multiple applications for the coal industry. A list of our products and services directly applicaple to the coal industry are listed below. Contact us for more information on Vapor can be of assistance to your organization!

Dredging Services


Throughout the years, Vapor Industries has built partnerships with some of the world's leading water treatment businesses. Through these partnerships, Vapor is able to provide experienced dredging services, with over 30 years of experience applied directly to the mining industry. Vapor Industries has the expertise to provide dredging and dewatering services throughout the coal industry, while meeting the rigerous safety demands of the coal industry. All Vapor Industries' employees are kept up-to-date on their MSHA safety training so we are available to assist your needs promptly. 


Click Here for a list of our available dredging equipment.




Dewatering Services 


Vapor Industries has multiple solutions to cater to every client's sludge removal needs. We offer solutions such as: belt presses, geobags, and drying tubes. Different sediments require different means of dewatering so contact us to speak with an experienced team that will guide you to the option that will yield the greatest results for the needs in your industry. 

Turbidity Curtains


Vapor's turbidity curtains are preferrerd throughout the mining industry. Made from heavier material, these curtains will outlast any other curtain on the market. All of Vapor's turbidity cutains are designed specifically for each pond or lake application; from length and tail depth to optional oil socks for industry specific regulation requirements. Contact us today for a quote on your specality designed Turbidity Curtain! 

Floating Water and Electrical Lines


Vapor Industries provides sattle-like designed floats that cradle the water line and holds the floating line close to the surface of the water; eliminating the risk of plugging a line due a low spot in the floating line.


Our floating lines are available for any size pipe with different size floats to accomidate for the density of the material being pumped. We also provide replacement floats for your existing floating lines. 


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