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Industry Specific Solutions


Vapor Industries strives to be the leader in water treatment solutions across many different industries. Below is the list of industries that we currently serve and how Vapor Industries is beneficial to each specific industry.

Whether you're looking to dredge out a sediment pond or replace your system with Vapor's state-of-the-art technology, we have the equipment and staff to fullfil your need in a timely manner. Click on the link above to view our products and services for the municipal industry.

Vapor Industries offeres many products and services that are directly applicable to the coal industry. Click on the link above to view our products and services for the coal industry.

Vapor Industries is currently developing a new technology to meet the water treatment needs of the gas industry. Click on the link above to view the progress of this new product development.

Vapor Industries also caters to the residential needs of our clients. We offer chemicals to rid swimming pools of dirt and algae that accumulates over time. Click on the link above to see how Vapor Industries can be beneficial to your residential pools and spas. 

The dredging and dewatering applications offered by Vapor Industries are also beneficial to public water areas. Vapor Industries will be a least intrusive as possible to be sure not to disturb the public activities or wildlife. We also offer products that are of use to public lakes and ponds. Click on the link above for more information on our lakes and recreation products and services.

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