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Vapor Industries has products for any water treadment need!

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Gel-Logs are a simple, easy and affordable solution for many applications. The partical bonding technology attracts the dirt particles to each other, separating it from the water molecules. While the dirt particles settle at the bottom, the fresh water will continue to flow down stream. Our experts have been in the industry long enough to provide you with the exact Gel-Log mixture for any type of sediment solution. 

Turbidity Curtains

Turbidity Curtains are another option for setteling solids in a body of water. Turbidity Curtains allow water to flow through the openings while the heavier solids hit the "tail" of the curtain and settle to the bottom. All of our Turbididty Curtains are designed specifically for each clients needs; from length and tail depth to optional oil socks for industry specific regulation requirements. Contact us today for a quote on your specality designed Turbidity Curtain! 

Sediment Drying Products

The sediment characteristics of a project greatly affects your projectcosts.The sediment removal process, engineering parameters of fluid dynamics, availability of chemical aids, and environment discharge parameters of the site all affect the efficiency of your drying process. With so many variables to evaluate when dealing with the sludge, we suggest that you speak with one of our experts to determine the process that will best suit the needs of your industry. 

Floating Platforms

Our floating platforms and catwallks are very populat withing the mining industry. These platforms are commonly used for access to pumping stations. Our designs are specifically engineered to provide a level platform without having to worry about equalizing the weight throughout the platform. 

Our designs include: 

  • The Safest and Easiest Access

  • Equilizing Outriggers

  • Center Lift Beams

  • Electric Cable Trays

  • Painted Carbon, Galvanized, or Stainless Steel

Floating Lines

Vapor Industries provides sattle-like design floats that cradle the water line and holds the floating line close to the surface of the water; eliminating the risk of plugging a line due a low spot in the floating line.

Our floating lines are available for any size pipe with different size floats to accomidate for the density of the material being pumped. We also provide replacement floats for your existing floating lines. 

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