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Have the labor? Rent the equipment!

While Vapor Industries provides professionals to operate any of the equipment that we produce, we do provide equipment rentals to those clients who have qualified personnel to operate the machinery. 

Dredging Equipment: 


We are able to provide dredges to suit the size of your project. Contact us to discuss which dredge would be most beneficial for your needs. Some of our inventory includes: 


  • Mini Dredger a 7.5 HP agitator pump mounted on a small floating platform with winch

  • Electric 3-inch model

  • Electric 6-inch with anti-clog cutter-head for trash removal

  • Electric 8-inch up to 400 HP for production mining

  • Diesel powered 6-inch dredge for more portable applications.


All dredging equipment is rented on a first come first serve basis. Vapor Industries suggests that potential clients express an interested in a rental agreement as soon as possible so we can reserve the machine to best suit the needs of the client. 

Belt Presses:

Vapor Industries can provide stationary or mobile belt press units. The mobile units are completely self-contained on a 52' trailer with all of the necessary chemical tanks, belt press, air compressors, electrical units, and an office. Contact us today for a quote on a belt press rental. 





















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